Delancey Street Foundation

Delancey Street Foundation is a leader in residential, educational and rehabilitation services to former drug/alcohol abusers, homeless and others. On December 19, 2011, Kent Chao published a evaluation of Delancey Street Foundation with a "BUY" rating. This research report has been peer reviewed by N. Anggraini and M. Kim. Download the full research report below.

NPI Rating: BUY

DSF is pioneer of residential self-help for former felons. They have developed a model which requires a small amount of public funding to serve a large number of beneficiaries. Furthermore, DSF expands its impact by training other organizations in the process that they have developed over 40 years. NPI recommends replicating the DSF model, making a monetary donation, or patronizing DSF's social enterprises.

Download the full research report in PDF format here: NPI Evaluation of Delancey Street Foundation.

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