Bill Wilson Center

Bill Wilson Center (“BWC”) is a nonprofit, community based agency serving Santa Clara County. Bill Wilson Center provides a full spectrum of services to help and support Santa Clara County’s youth and families by providing counseling, housing, education, and advocacy. The organization’s goal is to prevent poverty in the next generation by connecting youth with the necessary resources and support to succeed.

NPI Rating: BUY

America Needs You benefits from strong partnerships across various fields, a commitment to transparency, and structured commitment periods. These factors are partially offset by the organization’s relatively short track record and lack of public disclosure on material changes to financials.


  • Reporting Transparency. Bill Wilson Center exhibits a high level of operational transparency not only by providing easy access to its annual reports and audits online, but also providing key performance indicators of beneficiaries consistently.
  • Demonstrated Operational Discipline. Management exhibits operational rigor by adhering strictly to grant spend requirements and maintaining consistent expense margins year-over-year. BWC has also been able to start new programs and expand without exceeding its revenues.
  • Strong Balance Sheet. BWC has fortified its balance sheet over the past several years by maintaining cash flow margins and adeptly managing its investment portfolio. CAUTIONS


  • Number of beneficiaries per program no longer reported in annual report. From 2010-2013, BWC disclosed the specific number of beneficiaries in each of its core programs. These figures are not disclosed in the 2014 and 2015 annual reports. In 2014 and 2015, BWC introduced several new metrics. We encourage BWC to consistently disclose metrics in each annual report going forward.
  • Reliance on government funding. In 2014, 86% of BWC’s revenue and support came from federal, state and local government. As a result, the organization is dependent on legislation and the needs of local government, limiting program visibility in future years.


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