College Summit

College Summit was created by a former academic advisor at Harvard University who saw the need to create a program to assist both top performing and mid-tier low-income students in securing college admission.  The founder, himself a graduate of an inner-city Denver high school, saw that students with mid-tier credentials, many of whom he believed could have succeeded in college, lacked the know-how and senior year support that students whose parents had gone to college enjoyed.

NPI Rating: BUY

College Summit’s strong operational track record coupled with a bright outlook is only further supported by the careful selection and development of a world-class leadership team. Not unlike many other highly-success high-growth non-profit organizations, College Summit has experienced some issues with the fast pace of growth. Ultimately, we believe the organization’s past results, wide reach and strong leadership team create a compelling combination for a likely successful organization aimed at increasing educational access in the U.S.

Download the full research report in PDF format here: NPI Evaluation of College Summit.

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