Global Partnerships

Global Partnerships (“GP”) is a nonprofit impact investor based in Seattle, Washington, and Managua, Nicaragua, which aims to expand opportunities for people living in poverty by investing in exceptional microfinance institutions and cooperatives. GP focuses its investments in organizations that can deliver sustainable programs across five impact areas, comprising: health care; rural livelihoods; micro-entrepreneurship; green technology; and women’s empowerment.

NPI Rating: BUY

Global Partnerships has created an innovative impact investing model that has executed on its aim to provide opportunities for individuals living in poverty. The organization’s investments have shown significant impact, are transparent, and benefit from attractive economies of scale as the organization has expanded. This growth has all been executed while maintaining superior operational efficiency.


  • Low risk organization model. Innovative long-term funding model mitigates operational risk to target organizations.
  • Demonstrated impact. Global Partnerships’ investments have demonstrably improved the possible outcomes of the constituents it aims to serve through facilitating the deployment of sustainable programs dedicated to promoting social opportunity.
  • Transparency. The investments and investment partners of Global Partnerships are clearly delineated in organizational materials. Additionally, GP provides detailed analytics and anecdotal evidence supporting the efficacy of their programs.
  • Operational efficiency. Global Partnerships has managed to increase the scale of its organization while maintaining superior financial controls. The majority of the organization’s expenses are directly related to the management of Investment Funds, which has grown modestly despite the tremendous growth in GP’s reach.
  • Attractive economies of scale. The organization benefits from its local infrastructure and partnerships to expand the breadth of its reach and impact.


Download the full research report in PDF format here: NPI Evaluation of Global Partnerships.

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