Huckleberry Youth Programs

Huckleberry Youth Programs, Inc. (“Huckleberry”) helps young people in San Francisco and Marin make healthy life choices and maximize their potential through its comprehensive and innovative programs.

NPI Rating: BUY

Huckleberry has proven successful in helping young people develop healthy life decisions. These programs have made positive impact on participating students. NPI recommends considering a donation, volunteering for one of Huckleberry’s programs, and/or becoming a sponsor of Huckleberry.


  • Program make tangible impact on San Francisco and Marin youth. The 5 different programs help San Francisco and Marin adolescents in four key ways, by providing temporary shelter, medical care, academic support, and juvenile justice system diversion to San Francisco teens.
  • Partnerships with federal and local governments increase impact. The Department of Public Health provides Huckleberry with the support necessary to offer quality health care services. The San Francisco police department collaborates by contacting Huckleberry Community Assessment and Referral Center (CARC) for every junior arrest the department makes.
  • Programs are actively managed to provide maximum impact. Management actively monitors program offerings for effectiveness and has demonstrated an ability to reallocate resources away from less impactful programs. In fact, Huckleberry shut down Nine Grove Lane, an adolescent shelter in Marin, when the shelter was not used to full capacity. Huckleberry then focused on other, more impactful, programs such as the Wellness Academy and Multi-services center.


Download the full research report in PDF format here: NPI Evaluation of Huckleberry Youth.

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