The NPI research process ensures that each report provides an objective and thorough evaluation of each charity. While NPI analysts will attempt to contact each charity it reviews, NPI maintains strict independence and does not accept any funds from reviewed charities.

Each NPI report analyzes all publicly available information and is subject to peer review prior to publication:

    1. NPI analysts gather all public materials regarding a charity (IRS filings, audited financial statements, impact assesments, etc.)
    2. NPI volunteers perform analysis of all available information and draft a report
    3. Two additional NPI analysts review each research report for accuracy and strength and depth of reasoning
    4. Report is published and available for free download by individuals and foundations
    5. NPI currently updates reports at its discretion, upon request


Note: NPI continually improves its research process. Peer review was established in December 2011 and research published prior to December 2011 has not yet been peer reviewed.