Rainbow Wong

Rainbow Wong

Rainbow Wong
Research Analyst

Rainbow Wong is pursuing a Master of International Affairs at SIPA-Columbia University. Prior to returning to academia, she was a litigation consultant at FTI Consulting where she focused on fraud investigations, business interruptions, and intellectual property matters. Her experience as a derivatives analyst at Societe Generale Investment Bank, Hong Kong, and briefly as a credit counselor for San Francisco based non-profit allowed her to see the importance of corporate fiduciary and the enforcement of stricter international regulations. She hopes to focus in international trade and economics during her studies at SIPA. Rainbow is also an active member of the nonprofit foundation, Summer Search.


  • B.A. International Relations and Economics, Smith College Visiting Student
  • Public Administration and Finance, University of Hong Kong
  • Litigation Consultant, FTI Consulting (San Francisco)
  • Credit Counselor, Credit Counseling Service (San Francisco) Analyst
  • Societe Generale Corporate Investment Bank (Hong Kong)


  • Traveling, hiking, people watching

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